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Dear Friends of the St. Joseph Food Pantry,

2020 has been a difficult year for all of us. We have all had to make major changes in our daily lives with the advent of Covid-19. The St Joseph Food Pantry is no different. Our volunteers have been determined to stay open and help our neighbors and friends in Manatee County who are in need of food. The pantry had to institute new procedures including wearing face masks, keeping hand sanitizer at every station, and keeping our social distance from each other. The pantry then had to help our clients do the same. To that end, the pantry asked for and received over 10,000 cloth masks, 6,000 children’s masks, and plenty of hand sanitizer to distribute to every client who entered the pantry. The pantry set up signs to make sure our clients also kept 6 feet distance from each other while in line.

Covid-19 has caused more than potential health problems. Businesses downsized or closed, either temporarily or permanently. People who never thought they would be at a food pantry were now faced with a choice of paying bills, or feeding their family. The Food Pantry saw a significant increase in new client families registering for food. And thanks to our donors, we were able to assist every family that came for help. Your donations, both food and monetary have made a huge difference. We can give families in need more food, healthier food, and now some toiletries to help them during this crisis.

We are deeply grateful for your continued support and generosity. Our blessings and prayers to all of you in 2021.

The St. Joseph Food Pantry Advisory Board

Thank you to the family of Ernest and Antoinette Salerno for their generous contribution of the funds that provided us with our new commercial refrigerator.

Advisory Board

Maryanne Staubach, Director

Patti & Mike O'Driscoll, Advisors

Carol & Dave Tiskiewic, Advisors

​Barbara & John West, Advisors

Don Johnson, Advisor


Maryanne Staubach, John West,

Don Johnson, Gerry Cleaver,

Kay Roath & Ken Krejci

The Knight's of Columbus of St. Peter and Paul made a generous donation of $1,250 in April 2021. 

Call us: (941) 756 3732 

The St. Joseph Food Pantry gave out 912 frozen turkeys during their annual 2020 Thanksgiving Event.

Thank you to Pharmacist Joseph Williams and his associates from Walmart Neighborhood Market for donating two cart loads of spaghetti, cans of green beans

and boxes of corn bread mix.


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