Your donations have helped!

"Dear St Joseph Food Pantry,

Thank you.  After a drunk driver hit me, I had to give my all to God more than ever before.  No family here, Single mom of two, and I lost my job.  I didn't regain the use of my walking abilities till 4 months after.  I am so very thankful for your generous and non-judgmental assistance.  As a college grad, I'd never think I'd be in such need.... May God bless!"    Name Withheld

" I just wanted to thank the Parish for its generosity.  A few months ago my wife and I hit some hard times.  I'm an Army Veteran with 2 combat tours in Iraq.  In 2014 my PTSD raged like it had never before.  At several times during the year I was totally unable to work which led to a financial crisis in our household.  However with careful planning and some luck we have made it through.  One of the things that helped us immensely was the food pantry your parish operates.  It wasn't a lot or was it often but it got us through and gave us continued hope....May the Lord continue to bless you and the flock you shepherd."    ​Name Withheld

"Dearest Patti and the Ladies of the St Joseph Food Pantry, we want to thank you for all you have done to help us in this most difficult fight for life.  All of you were so generous to us.  We thank God for angels like you."  Name Withheld

Call us: (941) 756 3732 

St. Joseph Food Pantry

We are constantly in need of donations

We are constantly in need of donations of food, grants or contributions, to maintain the level of service to the hungry and needy of Manatee County. It requires over $36,000 in donated food and funds each month, to serve the over 2,000 families that appear at our facility monthly. Please send a check to:
St Joseph Food Pantry
2704 33rd Ave W
Bradenton FL  34205

Currently our clients are in need of:
Peanut Butter
Canned meats and tuna
Canned vegetables
Canned beans
Canned fruit
Canned soups
Boxed Mac & Cheese
Boxed Spaghetti

In addition, our clients could use individual sized:
Razors and shaving cream
Toothbrush and Toothpaste
shampoo and conditioner

Please feel free to drop off needed items during regular hours at our physical address of 2704 33rd Avenue West.

We limit our other expenses or improvements so that we do not deny food to the people in need. We are in need of material handling equipment, updated computer software and building improvements.